PARSI EMBROIDERY-forgotten art form

A forgotten artform One of the fading art forms is the art of Parsi Embroidery. Parsi embroidery is suggested to have originated from Bronze Age Persia. The Parsi community is believed to be great followers of Prophet Zarathustra; the community started migrating from Iran to India and settled along the western coast of Gujarat. By the early 19th century, Parsi traders were active participants in … Continue reading PARSI EMBROIDERY-forgotten art form

The untold story of a Sari

Celebrating SARI! Sari is traditionally a piece of unstiched cloth which is wrapped around the body, waist and shoulder of a women, exclusively worn by South Asian women . It originated within the Hindu culture as hindus believed that stitched clothing is impure. They also ┬ábelieved that the belly button is a very important source of life and creativity, this is why the Sari does … Continue reading The untold story of a Sari