PARSI EMBROIDERY-forgotten art form

A forgotten artform One of the fading art forms is the art of Parsi Embroidery. Parsi embroidery is suggested to have originated from Bronze Age Persia. The Parsi community is believed to be great followers of Prophet Zarathustra; the community started migrating from Iran to India and settled along the western coast of Gujarat. By the early 19th century, Parsi traders were active participants in … Continue reading PARSI EMBROIDERY-forgotten art form

Dastangoi: the art of storytelling

There are many art forms which are slowly and gradually fading with time mainly because of the coming up of new modes of entertainment. One such form is the peculiar art of storytelling that has almost vanished with time, Dastangoi. It is the art of oral storytelling in Urdu. Dastans which refers to long stories which are usually verbal in nature and are performed out … Continue reading Dastangoi: the art of storytelling